About Us

創益科技有限公司本著成為亞太區內主要電子零件及產品代理商的使命於2003年成立,業務主要為電子元件分銷、家居遙距監控系統及其它電子產品分銷。 敝司專業經營各類電子元器件包括电容器,集成电路(IC),三極管,二極管,LED和MCU等等,品牌齊全,範圍較廣。 在主動元器件上主要優勢的品牌是:HOLTEK (盛群), NJRC(新日本無線), DIODES ZETEX(達爾捷特科), NXP(恩智浦), ST(意法), LRC(樂山)...等等品牌,在被動元器件上主要優勢的品牌是:MURATA(村田), SAMSUNG(三星), WALSIN(華新) ...等等品牌。


多年以來, 創益致力與客戶保持緊密合作,除了提供優質服務滿足客戶需要之外,我們亦深信於此世界急速步伐中,要保持高度的競爭力才能避免淘汱,須要力求進步,為客戶提供更好的專業服務,贏取顧客滿意。展望未來,無論營銷、市場推廣、物流程序及全面技術支援上,我們將投放更多資源以求達致提供更佳服務給我們的客戶。在此競爭日劇之商業社會中,藉著我們之優秀服務及承諾,創益是您們的最好選擇。

Alcon Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, our business focus in Electronic Components Distribution, Remote Home Monitoring System and some other Electronic Products. We specialize in all kinds of electronic components including Capacitors, Integrated Circuits (IC), Transistors, Diodes, LED and MCU. The main advantage of the brand in the active components of HOLTEK, NJRC, Diodes, NXP, ST, LRC ...etc., the main advantage of the brand in the passive components of MURATA, SAMSUNG, WALSIN .... and so on brand.

Our motto is "to become the major supplier for Electronic Components and Products in Asia-Pacific Region". Our mission statement is "bringing profit for all our business partners" which is the meaning of our company name in Chinese.

All these years, we are providing our best service in all dimensions of business to customers in China and other Asia countries. Our business network is building up and keep expending all over the world. In 2006 our Shenzhen office was established which reinforce our services to customers between HK and China.Our professional marketing team is focusing in new products development and promotion; also collaborate with different technology companies from different countries, in order to enhance our competitiveness.Beside providing the best business services, in order stay competitive, more resources will be devoted regardless to sales, marketing, logistics or technical support. We believe keep on improving is essential to achieve customer satisfactory and hence for win-win situation.